Review of Colonial Quad Gym

Although Ashley Detroia, senior, lives off campus she still uses the Colonial Quad gym to work-out.Image

Detroia did not want to pay for a gym membership at any of the local gyms, however she
still wanted to stay fit while in Albany. She tried going to the SEFCU gym but found that it was usually over crowded and she would have to wait to use equipment.

Waiting, she explained, threw off the whole rhythm of the work-out, so she decided to go back to her gym from sophomore year.

“Last year I lived on Freedom, so I used the gym on Empire. Before that I lived on Colonial Quad and worked out there.”

Detroia returned to the Colonial Quad gym and found that not much had changed. She especially likes the separate room with cardio machines (treadmills and ellipticals) and the free weights available.

Detroia explains that she doesn’t have a strict routine at the gym but she is an avid runner. After running three or four miles she cools down on the elliptical. 

Detroia then moves on and spends about 30 minutes doing arm and ab work with free weights.

Before and after her work-out she stretches her whole body, something she attributes back to her days in gymnastics.

Detroia knows that Colonial Quad can get busy but she has found a way to beat the crowds, “On days that I am going to work-out, I finish class by three, so I wear my work-out clothes to class then go straight to Colonial. I am home by five and I still have the whole night ahead of me.”

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