Homosexuals in the Magic The Gathering Community

Abe Sargent; an avid Magic player, an advocate for the homosexual community, and a Huntington’s Disease patient, knows what it feels like for people to assume you are something you are not.

Sargent knows that people expect normal things from him, things that don’t fit into his plan. As someone with Huntington’s disease he as a shorter life expectancy and doesn’t see children, marriage, and a great job in his future. He relates to homosexuals in that way, they are born into this world unable to meet society’s expectations for them to be straight.

Besides for a rumor in the fourth grade, Abe is not gay. He does however get just as offended at Magic tournaments when other players use slurs like “gay” or “f*****”. Despite these slurs being worthy of disqualification, the judges do not always take action.

Sargent explains that there should be no room in the Magic community for these intolerances and ignorance. He reminds us that people should not be made to feel uncomfortable because of these slurs, rather Magic should be an open and friendly environment.

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One Response to Homosexuals in the Magic The Gathering Community

  1. You did a really good job summarizing the story in a good way. Well written and to the point.

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