Back to the age of bra burning

Native Americans are outraged by the latest attack on their culture, while Victoria’s Secret model, Karlie Kloss, wore a Native war bonnet accompanied with her bikini on the catwalk last week.

Other incidents recently are Paul Frank’s fashion show, No Doubt’s music video and Halloween costumes.

War bonnets are a sacred symbol of a man’s bravery that Kloss has not earned.

The mockery will not be tolerated and Victoria’s Secret has apologized and vowed not to air the model wearing the bonnet. However, they still are facing a boycott.

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2 Responses to Back to the age of bra burning

  1. jamesanthonyking says:

    I really like this article but I’m curious as to what No Doubt, Paul Frank and Halloween costumes have done to offend Native Americans. Maybe you could include a link to the stories or summarize them quickly.

  2. This was really good, quick, straight to the point piece. However you should include a picture of the model in the headdress. I think it would only add to the story.

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