An apple a day…

…may keep the doctor away, but is that really what you want to do?Image

My blog has been full of tips, tricks, and strategies to keep a healthy lifestyle while away from home.

Aside from the daily diet and exercise, there is one more way to stay ahead of anything that could affect your health and slow you down. Because let’s face it, we’re busy college students with school and parties and we only have four years here, so we need to stay healthy so we can enjoy it.

You’ve got to go to the doctor.

Yep. Going to the doctor for a regular check-up is going to help you keep going, and even more; going at the first sign of an illness will help you nip that nasty cold in the bud.

A lot of students avoid going to the the student health center because it takes some effort; an appointment, and a shuttle ride. But do you guys realize all of the benefits to going to the health center? They seriously outweigh those inconveniences.Image

First of all, yes, you do need to call in advance but they usually can fit you in the same day… around your class schedule. The university provides a shuttle that loops around every half hour, and stops at both the Science Library and Collins Circle.

Some other great things about the health center are:

  • For routine check-ups or visits due to illness, there is no copay. It is free.
  • The health center is a real doctor’s office for the students. The doctors that are treating you are real doctors, and they can write real prescriptions. And they have a full pharmacy right on the premises. To pick up these medications does require a copay, however they bill it to your account, so there is no immediate payment due.
  • They have endless resources; you can make a regular appointment to deal with health issues, or an appointment with the Women’s Clinic for particular issues requiring a gynecologist, or the Counseling Center if you just want to talk to someone. Also, if you need help with something not provided in the health center, perhaps a dentist or an X-ray, they can put you in touch with the people you need to see.

The school website has a great section with tons of information about the health center. You can find the number, directions, and answers to frequently asked questions there. Also, they have downloadable versions of the forms that they ask you to fill out, so that students can bring them to their appointment and cut down on wait time.

Check out the website here!

Of course, if you have an emergency or health issue requiring immediate attention, call 911.

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One Response to An apple a day…

  1. Rosemary Armao says:

    Good piece. But it needs some proofing — for example, see typo in your italicized line. Should be GOT not GO.

    Cut the second sentence in the second graf — it’s unneeded and repetitive.

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