An Alumni Quad gym review

Diana Wilkonski is a junior here at UA. Image

All through middle school and high school Wilkonski played soccer, but she didn’t want to pursue that in college. She quickly realized that staying in shape without playing a sport consistently was not necessarily that easy. Eventually she decided if she wasn’t going to pay soccer she would need to go to the gym.

Last summer Wilkonski got a gym membership and worked it into her daily routine.

Wilkonski is a transfer student here at SUNY Albany. She comes from Nassau Community College, on Long Island. While Wilkonski attended NCC she lived at home and had the luxury of driving her car to the gym of her choice. Now that she attends UA and lives on Alumni (with her car back home) she has many fewer choices.

Wilkonski has now become a regular at the Alumni Quad gym.Image

She says she tried to go to the SEFCU gym but it was always crowded, and there was no room for her to lay out a yoga mat for stretching and other types of exercise. She also felt that SEFCU was actually an intimidating place to work-out; “there are a lot of very muscular guys there lifting weights, and I felt like I was in the way”.

Also, Wilkonski doesn’t care for the design of the gym, with mirrors in every direction, making her feel like everybody was watching her.

The Alumni gym is a much more relaxed environment. Wilkonski warns that it can get very crowded there too, but once you figure out the busy hours (Monday night she specifies) it isn’t that bad.

The design of Alumni gym is more to Wilkonski’s liking. It is separated into different rooms for different activities. There is a cardio room, a room with machines, one with weights, and there is even a room specifically for mats and stretching.

Wilkonski admits that this gym may not be for everyone. The equipment is old and since it is located in the basement, it can get hot. But judging by her loyal commitment to the Alumni gym, you can defiantly get an adequate work-out there.

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  1. Rosemary Armao says:

    Another nice piece. Junior in the first line should not be capitalized. You mean “here” not her in the first line of the fourth graf. PROOF READ BEFORE FILING

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