Kevin Marshall comedian, Kevin Marshall social observer, Kevin Marshall writer

Kevin Marshall dragged himself out of bed early this morning to talk to our class about all things blog!Image

 Marshall was full of advice after many years of blogging. He pointed out some common mistakes, without humiliating anybody in particular, and also gave credit where credit was due, highlighting some of the better bloggers and posts.


As a teenager Marshall liked to write, so he developed the habit using a LiveJournal. Eventually he moved over to WordPress, the industry standard. He wrote on his blog a lot and occasionally wrote for some other websites which is how Marshall got noticed by the Times Union, and was taken on as a Reader Blogger.

As a Reader Blogger Marshall was not paid, but that was okay for the time being because he gained lots of exposure. Writing for the Times Union led him to many more paying jobs and eventually led to him getting a job writing for the UFC website. After about 18 months Marshall left the Times Union.

Marshall now also writes for Spike TV’s website.

Marshall’s other life is as a stand-up comedian. Aside from blogging in high school he also participated in the theater program! He usually does 1-4 local shows a week, he explains something else great about blogs is that they are a great forum for promoting his shows!

He is the co-producer of, Laughs on Lark, a 21 and over show that goes on the second Wednesday of every month. He played shy and declined when asked to perform some comedy for us.

This is all after studying Political Science in school!

Marshall opened the class by stressing to us as young aspiring journalists and writers that having a great blog with engaging content is almost as important as having a good resume. They are perfect for providing writing samples to people and showing your consistency with posting, and reliability.


He went on to explain what helped make a good blog. You need something with a focus, a beat. Your beat should be something concrete. You need to be familiar with the material and your writing should convey your genuine interest or even passion for that beat.

Blogs should have a distinct, personalized voice. They are less formal so it is good to use a sense of humor, just do not be snarky!! Also, Marshall reminded us that branding is very important, so the titles of our blogs should be grabbing, while still somewhat relevant to the content.

He ended his talk with us by reiterating the importance to “just keep writing”. A public forum is better then journal style writing so that you are making it available to others besides yourself. Writing is like running he had explained, it is something you need to practice consistently to truly do well.

If you want to check out some of the blogs Marshall recommended and visits regularly he mentioned: Capitol ConfidentialJezebelKeyboard Krumbs, and Keep Albany Boring.

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  1. Rosemary Armao says:

    nice job A

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