Get to know your local Wellness Assistants


Sebastian Navas is a senior here at UA. Since middle school Navas has been very passionate about running and throughout high school he competed on the town of Bayshore’s Cross Country team. Now that he is at Albany he thought a great way to get involved was to join Res Life doing something he actually cares about, he works as a Wellness Assistant on Colonial Quad.

As a Wellness Assistant Navas works at the CQ gym for a minimum of 15 hours a week. He mostly stays at the front door, watching students sign in. But he also helps students rent the bikes available and fixes equipment when something isn’t working correctly.

That’s right, you read that correctly, there are bikes available for students to rent. It is a well kept Imagesecret, or an under-rated luxury but every quad has bikes for the students to use. Students can simply go down to their gyms with their SUNY cards and sign out a bike, available for three hours at a time.

Navas urges students to take advantage of this offer because it is a great alternative, or addition, to a regular work-out session in the gym. Before it gets too cold and gross out, he suggests we use one of the few nice days we will have left for a very long time, and explore campus in a new way.

Navas, and all of the other Wellness Assistants also hosts programs every month. The last program that Navas held was a How To guide on avoiding the Freshman 15. He provided tips to help students (freshman and not) fight off the extra pounds, like studying in the library to avoid mindless snacking, and urging students to avoid or make better choices at the vending machines.

Navas invites us all to his next program being held on October 15, a push up contest. He says the whole idea of it is to get students to come out and learn what they are capable of, how fit they are, and how they could improve.He urges everybody to come down to the Colonial Quad gym (in the basement of the tower) at 8 pm.

Last but not least Navas and his team are responsible for many of the bulletin boards around the quad. They look for the most relevant things and post them up for students to see. The bulletin boards have events for fundraisers or walks for good causes. They also include special fitness programs that the Recreational Center is offering. When they find good fitness, diet, and lifestyle tips they also post those.

These bulletin boards are a great way to find out about things going on around campus that offer fun, alternative exercise opportunities. You can check them out on CQ, or any of the other quads also.

Keep in mind all that the Wellness Assistants offer to students as a resource. Next time you are signing in at your choice of gym take a moment to talk to the WA and ask them what is going on or what is coming up. They definitely have some cool fitness advice.

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One Response to Get to know your local Wellness Assistants

  1. Rosemary Armao says:

    After the first reference to his full name he should be Navas, not Sebastian. We only call little children by their last name. You have the word WELL instead of WAY in the first graph. And lost the exclamation points. They are for teen girls only. You show enthusiasm and excitement with words not punctuation.

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