Break… fast

At this point it is undeniable- Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. Everyone has known for sometime now that eating breakfast is beneficial to weight loss, brain function, and overall health. Why do people still skip it?


I know it’s hard- living in a dorm, or even having too cook for yourself and when you’ve got to be at the bus stop by 7:56 a.m. grabbing something to chew on is probably not your first choice, you’re probably grabbing for a coffee…or your snooze button.

But hear me out, or not me, hear the people that know what they’re talking about out, and choking something down now will make you happier later.

When I urge you to eat breakfast it doesn’t have to be an extravagant buffet that you’re mother laid out for you. Breakfast can be much easier and quicker then that, to fit your college lifestyle of always being “on the go”. Actually, breakfast can be easier, quicker and healthier then those heavy spreads. (however if you’re going to eat a huge meal, earlier in the day is better)

For optimal performance and lasting satisfaction you want to eat whole grains, lean proteins and dairies…and if you can even sneak a fruit or two in somewhere you’re doing great!

You can get all of these recommendations with whole grain bread, rolls or bagels. Peanut-butter, lean-meat or eggs. Low-fat yogurts, cheese or a nice traditional glass of reduced fat milk.Image

This might sound like a bigger task then it is, next time you’re at Outtakes check out their energy/protein bar selection like Special K or Luna. They’ve also got nuts and made to order yogurt parfaits available.

Also at the Campus Center and resident dining halls you can get bagels (whole grain options) with hummus, PB or light cream cheese/butter.

Don’t forget eggs are a great source of protein, but be careful with portion, and give egg-whites a try.

You’ve got no excuses left, eating breakfast now will actually wake you up and make you less hungry later in the day.


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