She wore that?

Everyone has their own signature look. The type of clothes you “rock” reflect your personality. Trendy, Edgy, Sloppy, Sophisticated… and the list goes on.

The most important part about your style is that everyone thinks that they have the best one.

The perfect place to drink a coffee or tea and observe the people and fashions that pass is on the UAlbany podium, on a nice day. It being a nice day is key; not too cold that everyone is bundled up and not too hot that everyone just picked whichever fabric wouldn’t show their sweat through it.

While you sip your hot beverage of choice keep your eyes and mind open. The truth is that first impressions matter and everyone judges a book by it’s cover.

Without two words a person may form an entire opinion on another, and for better or for worse sometimes those opinions determine the entire relationship those two will have.

Is what you’re wearing what you’re trying to say about yourself?

I recently had a talk with my T.A. and the conversation spanned from this very blog to her earlier years studying journalism. In that conversation she disclosed to me that originally she thought I was a typical sorority girl. That I wore pink. And she probably assumed I say “like” a lot also. I am not in a sorority but I am in an academic fraternity on campus. I wore my Greek letters to class one day, it wasn’t even pink.

We’ve since cleared things up and laughed about it, hopefully because after speaking to me she realized there is much more depth to my personality then any Greek Life associations.

But it’s true, a risk I make when wearing Greek letters are those sort of assumptions, and you don’t always get an opportunity to explain yourself.

It’s only fair for all parties involved to make a disclaimer. I am a junior that lives downtown and has a class at 8:45 in the morning. I understand the appeal of sweatpants and a comfy hoodie, especially once the Albany winter rears it’s ugly head.

Instead of trying to talk you out of those sweats and into a nice pant suit I’m just begging you to look at yourself before you leave your bedroom. What would you think if that person in the reflection wasn’t you. Would you want to know more about this person?

If you’re outfit is saying what you want to say, then go for it.

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