Why am I here?

I became a journalism minor because well, I needed a minor. But journalism felt like a natural fit. I have always enjoyed writing, and the investigative “muckraker” vibe seemed exciting.

I have learned that journalism is very different than I expected…

The descriptive words and detailed paragraphs I used to mold on the paper were now too much. I have learned to get to the point, the shorter the better, but it has got to include everything.

I have also learned to asked questions, many questions and take excellent notes, because obviously getting the story straight is the most important aspect of journalism, and balancing a skill of writing with your facts is the second most important part, but possibly the hardest.

I have stayed a journalism minor for the same reasons. I still need a minor after all. But it’s still exciting, even more so. Now it’s exciting when I get it right.

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