The Albany Student Press Newspaper is good for one thing: The Crime Blotter. It is cheap entertainment to pass time in the dorms before dinner.

It is not only filled with the gossip around campus, it has concrete details explaining incidents on campus, other students getting into trouble for a “Marijuana smell” coming out of their dorm room on Indian Quad, a summons was issued and blah blah blah

You can find the ASP, a student run and edited newspaper, littered just about anywhere on campus. If you pick it up you can find the stories are poorly investigated, poorly edited

I once went to a meeting to begin writing for them, it didn’t work out.

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2 Responses to ASP

  1. jamesanthonyking says:

    I also love reading the crime blotter. I like how your blog is very conversational but still maintains a level of professionalism.

  2. I like this post for many reasons. One, because it is short and to the point Two, is because you definitely can relate to most college students here at the University. I found it hilarious that the you focused on the crime blotter, stressing that it is most interesting. Someone who is apart of ASP would probably be defended, or they might want to take this as constructive criticism. Haha! Good job

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