Facebook in the professional world…

In this day and age everybody has heard the warnings to be careful what they put on their social media profiles. From Facebook, to Twitter the horror stories have spread about inappropriate posts being seen by the wrong people and the “poster” needing to suffer some sort of consequence. In class we read a quick article with many statistics about future employers checking out job candidates’ profiles, and not always liking what they see.

Being interested in a real job some day my friends Jamie and Alyssa have taken precautions for this. Both girls have made their Facebook profiles private with special

settings on their pictures, allowing only a handpicked group of people to see each album. Jamie knows that everybody can see her default picture and takes extra care to pick out a photo without any alcohol in it, also she has a general rule not to post anything too “risque” anyway. Alyssa has debated deleting her Facebook and Twitter but has decided to wait until she enters the job market to make that official.

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