Review of Colonial Quad Gym

Although Ashley Detroia, senior, lives off campus she still uses the Colonial Quad gym to work-out.Image

Detroia did not want to pay for a gym membership at any of the local gyms, however she
still wanted to stay fit while in Albany. She tried going to the SEFCU gym but found that it was usually over crowded and she would have to wait to use equipment.

Waiting, she explained, threw off the whole rhythm of the work-out, so she decided to go back to her gym from sophomore year.

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Homosexuals in the Magic The Gathering Community

Abe Sargent; an avid Magic player, an advocate for the homosexual community, and a Huntington’s Disease patient, knows what it feels like for people to assume you are something you are not.

Sargent knows that people expect normal things from him, things that don’t fit into his plan. As someone with Huntington’s disease he as a shorter life expectancy and doesn’t see children, marriage, and a great job in his future. He relates to homosexuals in that way, they are born into this world unable to meet society’s expectations for them to be straight.

Besides for a rumor in the fourth grade, Abe is not gay. He does however get just as offended at Magic tournaments when other players use slurs like “gay” or “f*****”. Despite these slurs being worthy of disqualification, the judges do not always take action.

Sargent explains that there should be no room in the Magic community for these intolerances and ignorance. He reminds us that people should not be made to feel uncomfortable because of these slurs, rather Magic should be an open and friendly environment.

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AP stylebook puts an end to homophobia

… well not really, but wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy?

The Associated Press style book, which most publications swear by, has decided to ban any word with the suffix phobia at the end. This includes homophobia. Yes, at first this seems horrifying, and politically incorrect. But when you dive into this article from Autostraddle you can see that there is a method to the madness.

The suffix -phobia means fear, and implies a mental condition. Homophobia is not a diagnosed condition, it is an excuse to be ignorant and intolerant. The A.P. points out that other phrases like “anti-gay” are more appropriate for what the term actually means.

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Sex: His and Hers

“She whispered, ‘Is this alright?’ because we were in a church and I said, ‘I’m Jewish’… and then I put it in.”Image

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Shannon and I went on an adventure today during class…


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Back to the age of bra burning

Native Americans are outraged by the latest attack on their culture, while Victoria’s Secret model, Karlie Kloss, wore a Native war bonnet accompanied with her bikini on the catwalk last week.

Other incidents recently are Paul Frank’s fashion show, No Doubt’s music video and Halloween costumes.

War bonnets are a sacred symbol of a man’s bravery that Kloss has not earned.

The mockery will not be tolerated and Victoria’s Secret has apologized and vowed not to air the model wearing the bonnet. However, they still are facing a boycott.

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Break The Silence…

With all of this talk about eating well and working out it’s hard not to let it go to your head. And once you factor in all of the popular television shows today, with a cast full of young, hot stars, it’s hard to not get a little freaked out.Image

Is the idea of controlling what you eat getting too intense for you? Or is the pressure of looking and being perfect becoming too overwhelming? It doesn’t have to be.
Although eating disorders and body dimorphism still fly below the social radar most of the time, there are places, right here in the SUNY community where you can find help- or just advice.
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